Cajun Fish Stick Bow

By | May 13, 2022

Cajun Fish Stick Bow. This complete bowfishing set up is perfect for pros and beginners alike. The cajun fish stick pro recurve bow is a nice looking takedown recurve bow.

Cajun Fish Stick TakeDown Bowfishing Bow Set Includes
Cajun Fish Stick TakeDown Bowfishing Bow Set Includes from

Ready to shoot package includes spin doctor reel, reel seat, and brush fire arrow rest. Comes with the 56 fish stick takedown recurve bow with a 45# pull weight @ 28. With a peak draw weight of 45 lbs.

This Bowfishing Kit Includes The Cajun Fish Stick 45# Takedown Bowfishing Recurve Bow.

You can switch between them and use a constant cam module for snap shooting when you don’t want any time for aiming. The riser is made of aluminum, and the limbs come with composite material. Next up is the cajun archery fish stick #45 bowfishing package by escalade sports.

Comes With The 56 Fish Stick Takedown Recurve Bow With A 45# Pull Weight @ 28.

Smith & edwards ogden 17. The fish stick is the choice for everything from big commons in the north to gator gar in the swamps. Home / cajun fish stick recurve bow.

Explore Cajun Bowfishing For Ready To Fish Compound And Traditional Bows, Reels, Barbs, Fishing Conversion Kits And More For The Ultimate Bowfishing Experience.

The cajun bowfishing bow is a technical, yet simple bow, as it offers a convenient shot due to the modern cam system and fiberglass arrows with piranha tips. It features everything experienced bowfishers need to bust scales! The riser gives you a powerful draw for retrieving fishes.

Stick It To Big Fish With The Cajun Fish Stick!

Smith & edwards west jordan 1. This bow is equipped with new technologies of archery functions and the setting is added to it. The takedown feature makes this bow perfect for travel to the lake or river.

Cajun Bowfishing Fish Stick Bow;

Draw weight for flinging arrows all day long. 48 cajun bowfishing shore runner kit compound bowfishing bow ready to fish kit with arrow rest, bowfishing reel, reel seat, blister buster finger pads, fiberglass arrow, red/black 51 This creates a limb capable of storing optimal amounts of energy unlike any other bow in the industry.

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